Planet Georgetown

The Planet Georgetown Program offers workshops in a variety of topics. Please see the list of offerings for Spring 2021 and registration below:

All workshops are on Wednesdays from 5-7 pm. Given below is a list of offerings for Spring 2021:

Jan 27: 
Diversity in Discussion
In university, you will be met with individuals from all sorts of backgrounds, beliefs, and values - and you may find yourself in the midst of a discussion with them in a classroom! In this workshop, we will aim towards how to carry yourself in a discussion in an academic setting. We will discuss how to convey your opinions and discussion points in a manner that is conscious and respectful of other diverse opinions in the room.

Feb 17: Introduction to Georgetown Majors
This workshop aims to offer a glimpse into the different majors (Culture and Politics, International History, International Economics, and International Politics) at Georgetown University in Qatar and will outline the different aspects of each major. After an overview of the majors, students will have the opportunity of attending two mini-lectures to gain a better understanding of what attending a class in one of the majors looks like.

Feb 24: Digital Activism
We have come to realize that activism through different social media platforms has become a popular way for individuals to express their concerns, opinions, and raise awareness for many issues around the world. This workshop will be a discussion about how to be a conscientious digital activist and the different ways you can go about raising awareness on a digital platform.

Mar 10: Leadership in Action
This workshop will cover what it means to be a leader, how to develop your leadership skills, and what it means to be a leader in multiple settings. We will cover multiple aspects of leadership like flexibility, communication, team management, etc. throughout the workshop in different activities.

Mar 24: Self-Care and Stress Management
This workshop will work towards how to manage yourself in times of high stress, as well as prioritizing your mental health through acts of self-care. You will have the opportunity to learn which self-care methods works best for you through a discussion of the multiple methods like mindfulness, physical activity, meditation, etc. This workshop will also aim towards knowing how to identify when you are in need of stress management and self-care.

Apr 14: Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution
In this workshop, we will cover how to assess a crisis situation and the steps to take in managing crises and producing resolutions. We will discuss the different phases of crisis management (pre-crisis, crisis response, post-crisis) to understand the importance of timely responses.

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